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Savings App

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Straightforward savings app for Android and iOS

The InvestToday app is designed for the new investor to establish good savings habits, provide access to investment resources, and to keep users informed of relevant news.

Saving money is one of the first steps in stabilizing your current and future financial state. The InvestToday app was designed by a nonprofit organization for the beginner to get started today on this path without requiring any personal or banking information.

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  • Set your annual savings targets.

  • Make sure your annual target is realistic when reviewing them at a day or month basis.

  • More than anything, get started today, no matter how low the amount is.

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  • Remind yourself regularly to build good habits.

  • Financial habits are more than putting money away. Consistenly check your accounts for transactions, fees, fraud, and rates.

  • Remind yourself to check in on investment options with your employer at least annual – don't let important opportunities slip by.

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  • Don't get overwhelmed with the financial info that's out there. Get started with the basics.

  • Save: Some basic information on getting started with your savings efforts.

  • Invest: Keep a portion of your saved money in accounts and financial instruments that will grow your money.

  • Protect: Don't lose your hard earned and invested money.

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  • Get tips to stay on track.

  • Updates in the financial world that affect you.

  • Fun and compelling content that keeps you engaged in your own financial future.